The Case for Masks

Overnight, Tube Mask have become a symbol of social responsibility. If you still need convincing, here’s why you now should be wearing a mask in public spaces to prevent the spread of the corona virus. It’s also important to note that the flu season happens over a period of several months. Corona virus has spread much more rapidly, infecting a concentrated number of patients a and resulting in tens of thousands of cases of Covid-19 in a matter of weeks.

An estimated 25 percent of people with corona virus feel perfectly fine and don’t know they are infected and could be contagious. And guess what? You could very well be one of them! That’s why you should wear a Custom Mask to protect other people from your stealth germs. To start, this coronavirus is a new virus, which means our immune systems have never encountered it before. It’s different from the seasonal flu, which most of us have some protection from, either because of previous exposure to related influenza viruses or because we got a flu shot. One of the biggest worries is that health workers, who get vaccinated to stay well during flu season, have no protection from corona virus.

How your mask could protect others

Even a simple mask is very effective at trapping droplets from your coughs and sneezes. A recent study published in Nature from the University of Hong Kong and the University of Maryland asked 111 people, infected with various viral illnesses (influenza, rhinovirus and a more-mild corona virus), to exhale into a giant funnel. Sometimes their noses and mouths weren’t covered; other times they used a simple, not-particularly-well-fitted mask.

Medical masks and N95 masks should be saved for medical workers, but if you have a medical mask, you should know that it was designed for one-time use. However, a number of scientists, led by a group at Stanford University, are studying the best way to sanitize masks to extend the life of the personal protective equipment used by medical workers during the current shortage. The problem is that washing or sanitizing a medical mask will degrade it, making it less effective. Scientists have found that using UV light, heat and humidity or a hydrogen peroxide vapor could work, but the methods are developed for use in hospitals with special equipment and are not for home use. You can learn more in our story about efforts to decontaminate thousands of medical masks.


In general, outdoor exercise, with or without a mask, seems to be safe, according to most experts. Researchers cautioned that little is known about heavy breathing during aerobic exercise and how it affects viral spread. Phys Ed columnist Gretchen Reynolds has all the suggestions and cautions in Exercising Outdoors With a Face Mask.